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C-NERGY Organizes Second Regional PPP Conference | 02-May-2015

C-NERGY and the Ministry of Finance under the auspices of the Government of Ghana are pleased to present their 2nd Global Conference on Public-Private Partnerships. The event will take place at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi from 4th to 7th May 2015.

The Conference, with the theme “Building Capacity to Support Local Infrastructure Development through Public Private Partnerships”, seeks to build on the 2014 PPP Global Conference by exposing local government institutions and practitioners to the mechanics of financing local infrastructure development through PPPs as a means of replacing central government funding for major public goods. Participants will be afforded the opportunity to learn from the experience of other economies across the globe and most importantly within the sub-region.

Our team of international and local PPP experts, practitioners, policy makers will share their experience in the identification, structuring and implementation of major PPP projects at various levels.

Delegates will have the opportunity to engage with these experts, practitioners and policy makers as they introduce insightful case study researches, and assist them to package the various opportunities within their respective localities. You are invited to join us as we build on competencies on identifying, structuring and implementing Public-Private Partnership opportunities and participate in robust training sessions and networking events.